Shortest Winter That Our Generation Has Seen

Brayden Kowal, Reporter

The winter of 2014-2015 has been the shortest winter that our generation has ever seen. The winter blew over, but just slow enough to give us two storms. Many students like Senior Parker Kowal like the short winter because, “I don’t do snow sports, and this warm weather is just really great that I don’t even miss the snow.”

But others are very disappointed because the warm weather has shortened the ski season and stopped the snow. Sophomore Davis Clark said, “It sucks, there is no snow! So I can’t ski, or throw snowballs at people.” Many students share both of these opinions, and there is no doubt that this winter has been the shortest winter our generation has ever seen.

A lot of people wouldn’t go to Utah for a vacation but I think that Utah during the winter changes that. We have the greatest snow on earth and this year our great snow never came; it merely showed itself to us, taunted us and stole our winter glory. I love Utah in the winter. I love to go skiing, and I do not like this year’s winter. It was short, but just long enough to give us a taste and made me want more of it. But this warm weather stole it from us in a bittersweet way.