Savannah Herbon is Miss Kaysville Outstanding Teen

Grace Mathews

Riley Stam, Reporter

Every May girls are allowed to participate and compete for a spot in the “Miss Kaysville Outstanding Teen” pageant.

This year’s winner, Savannah Herbon, has done much to serve the community. Savannah Herbon and her attendants  had to complete a number of tasks.

First, contestants have to participate in a group number, either some sort of singing or dancing. Then “instead of a swimsuit competition, after all it is Kaysville, there is a fitness competition, ”said Sophomore Canada Johanson.

After that contestants show off their talent and then have a formal walk, but before the evening walk participants have an interview with the judges.

“There’s a lot of preparation that goes into preparing for the interview,” said Savannah Herbon. “It decides whether you get into the royalty.”

Anyone can also participate in events going around Kaysville whether it’s to participate in a pageant or a service project.