Robotics Club successfully competes

Video Editor - Jed Fowles

Taylor Rogers, Reporter

Issac Froisland, code named Robotics God, Kyle Hilton, code named Programing Master, Amanda Trang, code named Programing master, and team builder/driver Cooper Gray make up team “ Durpy Drooling Zeebras” of the Robotics club here at Davis.

Robotics advisor, Mr Leifson said, “Any high school can hold a regional competition, we’ve had competitions at North Cache, Syracuse, Davis, Skyview, and Weber state. State Competitions are always held at Utah State University, and the world competition is held in Louisville Kentucky.” The Durpy Drooling Zeebras have won first place in the the past three Robotics competitions they entered in last year. They scored 47 driver skills points placing them third in the Nation, and tenth in the World.

“If you want to join the robotics club the thing you need most is time. You can be on the robotics club, you can do the things we do, but in order to be the best, in order to be the most effective in the robotics club, you have to invest a lot of time in this program,” Gray said.