Students enjoy Talent Assembly

Jenna Schaelling, a Senior, has a unique talent of juggling. Schaelling performed in the talent assembly for two years now and enjoys juggling just about any time.

“For the most part I usually practice instead of doing my homework, so it’s my way of procrastinating. Usually I have a couple tricks in my head that I just want to practice more so than the other ones, so I usually practice some of those for like 10-15 min at a time. It’s always just fun to do it in between homework or when I need a break,” Schaelling stated.

Schaelling has been juggling for about four years now and got her inspiration from a boy who juggled in one of her junior high talent shows.

“Braden Everhard did juggling in 8th grade for the talent show and I thought it was really cool so I officially started in 9th grade. I thought it was really cool kind of manipulation of the objects and I wanted to learn how to do,” Schaelling said.

Although juggling has become one of Schaelling’s favorite hobbies, it has also helped her learn different life lessons.

“It’s probably taught me that there’s not always one specific way to do things and I think thats pretty cool.”