Late Starts provide collaboration for teachers and rest for students

Grace Mathews

John Eaton, Reporter

Students experience changes as they move from Elementary and Junior High to High school: age advancement, harder classes, puberty, and Late start.

“Late start is just a different time to wake up and come to school later,” Sophomore Spencer Plummer said.

In high school Fridays may “lose their special feel” because of the loss of leaving early, but Junior Lanson Lappin believes that late start is worth it.

“Yeah late start is great, I like it,” Lanson said

Four out of five students interviewed said that late start is better than early out. The reoccuring reason for the preference, more sleep.

“I like late start a lot, it’s a great break to sleep in,” Senior Luke Butters said.

Whether someone likes late start or early out more, each has it’s own respective advantages.

“Early out you could do more activities after school, but late start lets you do those activities better. Because you get more sleep.” Spencer said.

The faculty and staff also utilize late start with a weekly teachers meeting.

“It’s great because everyone gets together and plans out what to do and it is very useful,” Teacher Ms. Hyer said.

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, everyone has some reason to like Tuesdays.