Choir participants participate in the State Honors Choir

Grace Mathews

Ashton Corsetti, Social Media Editor

Choir students performed in the State Honors Choir on Saturday, January 31, in the Salt Lake City Tabernacle.

“It’s also a learning experience,” Austin Eborn, a senior State Honor’s Choir member, said. “These directors are extremely skilled, and they have tons to teach us, so you always come away learning more.”

High school students inside the state of Utah can audition for the annual symphony. Besides English, those in the choir sing in different languages.

“Even if we’re singing songs in latin or french,” McKay Hadley, a senior State Honor’s Choir member, said, “we still can feel what it’s meaning to portray. Music isn’t just singing notes, it’s singing how we feel, and you can totally see it when we affect people in the audience.”

Although the venue changed from Abravanel Hall to the Salt Lake City Tabernacle, the orchestration stays relatively the same. The different singing groups–soprano, alto, tenor, and bass–are split amongst the 300-400 member choir.

“The people who really want to be there want to do well at what they’re doing in such a large, collective group so that we can work hard and make it the best concert it can be,” Eborn said.

“Honor Choir is appealing to a lot of the students that are pretty passionate about what we do.”