Student Body Officers deserve more credit for hard work

Jordan Wood


Adam Aposhian

Even the strongest of traditions can see change. This year, LeeAnn Hyer took on the role of advisor to the Student Body Officers after Mr. Miller retired last year, and has been on a journey defining what her new job is.

“I knew that Mr. Miller took care of the daily announcements and the marquee so that’s just something that I’ve taken on,” Ms. Hyer said. “Nobody has ever said, ‘You have to do this or don’t do this.’ We’ve been able to do whatever we want to to support the school.”

As Ms. Hyer has found it can be difficult to manage the duties of advising the SBO’s along with her normal teaching responsibilities.

“At the very beginning of the year I felt like I could spend all of my free time working on stuff for SBO,” Hyer said. “I can always find something to do to help out the school, but yet I need to also focus on what’s going on in my classroom.”

In the past Hyer worked with the senior class officers and senior committee. That responsibility has now been taken up by Kayla Anderson. Hyer is also no longer coaching debate, which has freed up more time for SBO.

“I’ve been able to go to more games than I ever have in the past,” Hyer said. “With SBO we support every single activity, and I don’t think I realized how busy that was going to be when I took this on.”

But despite the challenges that advising the SBO’s has presented, Hyer has found it rewarding.

“The interaction has been my favorite thing… getting to know [the SBO’s] personalities and watching them work together and plan activities that turn out well,” Hyer said. “Just supporting the school.”