Future Family Success

Landon LeBaron, Repoter

At Davis High School, there is a daycare center where students can be able to have experience on what it means to raise a family. Jen Tilly is one of the managers in the daycare center.

“Well, I think it’s a great opportunity for high school students work with children,” Tilly said.

The students also get a chance to see how children grow and develop in the day care center.

Tilly says that there are many ways to learn about adult roles in the future. “We teach the students child development. That is one option,” Tilly said.

Also, the daycare center can use extra help if it is a very busy day.

“We have parents and teachers help as well,” Tilly said.    

There will be times in the youth stage and the adult stage where things can be pretty easy and there are times when it can be hard. To have a successful family, get some experience from high school.