Dance Company Goes to Festival

Ashton Fry, reporter

The Dance Company Festival is a time when multiple schools get their dance companies together and perform a couple dances that they have choreographed and get feedback on those dances. The teams then get to go to classes all day on technique and other types of dances. The Davis High Dance Company has this year seniors choreographing their pieces to go into this year’s festival. After they receive feedback from the professionals, they get to choose which one of their dances they would like to be in a show, and they perform in front of parents and schools. “It’s free and they all just watch the show and it’s really long, because there are so many schools, but it’s really cool to see all the different schools from Utah and see what they can do,” Haley Fishburn, Dance Company Senior and choreographer said. Fishburn said referred to the festival as a way to have a competition, without it being a competition. This is a chance for these teams to improve their skills and also show them off to those who come, and the professionals that give feedback.