Senior boys expect Mission Calls

Lindsey Miller, Reporter

Starting in February, 18 year old boys begin to start papers for their mission calls for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. These calls determine where they will be spending the next two years of their lives preaching their gospel to the people of that country, so the anticipation waiting for this call becomes unreal.

“Basically everyday since I started my papers thats all I could think about. I would lay in bed at night and just wonder where I was going to get called. Then the week that it was supposed to come, I couldn’t pay attention in class at all. Basically I couldn’t focus on anything but that,” Student Body President Connor Simonson said.

Once they receive their calls, they turn their focus not only on the spiritual aspect of things but they start to incorporate it into their daily lives.

“You put more effort into things that normally you wouldn’t think about,” Ryan Hatch said.

“Italy has already become apart of me in a way. Thats kind of who I am now, I research that stuff and looked at the stuff. Its like my mission started now, cause I know where i’m going so I am getting ready. Its like my mission at home,” Simonson said.

Missions have a huge impact on not only the people who are going on them, but the people around them too. Connor Simonson will be serving his mission in Rome, Italy, and Ryan Hatch is going to Taiwan. Both of them have started off the excitement for mission calls of many others in the coming months.