AP Fees

Max Kunz, Reporter

The AP exam has been helping students around America get a college level education with relatively low cost. The fee, $91, is paid by each student who takes the AP class in the high school.

The fee goes to the AP distribution center in Princeton, New Jersey. There it is used to pay the personnel who grade the exams and keep the facilities running.

A $9 rebate is sent back to the school in order to administer the test. Even more money can be then sent back to the relevant department for each test that receives a passing grade.

Corine Barney, an AP calculus teacher, said that the money goes into extra school supplies.

“We use that for the national math test, flash cards, extra printing costs on the note books, and sometimes [teachers] come on Saturday for reviews, and that serves as a salary for us.”

Ms. Barney also said the money can go into other departments based on need.

The exams are also sent to New Jersey, and from there they are sent to the various locations that give the grades. For instance, the AP Calculus exams are sent to Kansas City, Missouri, while the AP Art portfolios are sent to Salt Lake City for grading.

It seems that the AP testing system is beneficial to not only the students who exponentially lower their education costs, but also to the teachers who give the test and instruct them.