The class elections process begins

Victoria Sandholtz, Producer

Petitions for the 2015-2016 Student Body Officer Elections are available starting today, March 2nd, in room 2803. Candidates must be current juniors who have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and no U’s. This is exciting for the Juniors wanting to run, but for the current SBO’s it’s a different kind of experience. “It’s crazy, it’s mixed feelings. It seems like its not time for it to happen yet like we were just barely here. But I am excited to see who is going to take our places,” SBO, Adam Taylor said.

Being an SBO was a great experience for the students that made it. “It is so much fun, you really learn a lot about how to run activities, and you get to know lots of people, and its been really fun,” SBO Anisa Call said.

For the juniors wanting to run, here is some advice from and actual SBO. “I guess the advice would be don’t get caught up in like the posters and that stuff. Just make sure you know people and are talking to people. And that you are just being yourself and a good friend to people,” Taylor said.

In past years, voting for SBOs has been during homeroom, but this year they are changing to online voting.

“We decided this year to do online voting for a few different reason. One of the big reasons was with the ballots we have to order to and pay for them, all that stuff, but also it makes it easier to count them and more accessible,” said Taylor.

Online voting helps benefit and make it easier for students. “I think it is easier because most people have access to some sort of technology to let them vote online and then they don’t have to come wait in lines at school,” Call said.

 All you have to do to vote online is go to your mydsd and login, then on your surveys page there will be an elections tab. You click on that tab, choose your top candidates, and submit your votes. It is that quick and easy.