CNA class offers real life applications

CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant, is a course that creates the opportunity for students to take a college course and become certified as a nursing assistant.

“You’re doing basic care so you’re under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, and your doing the basic care of residents or patients such as vital signs, assisting them with dressing, going to the bathroom, eating, things like that,” said Mrs. Staheli, the CNA teacher at Davis.

Becoming a CNA takes hours of hard work, but through the class you are able to learn all the needs to being able to take care of those you care for as a CNA.

“You have to take an 80 hour course and then you have to do 24 hours of clinicals. So you go into the nursing home and you work one on one with a CNA for 24 hours doing a couple shifts. Then you have to pass a state exam which has a written and skills portion,” said Staheli.

The course offered at Davis is through Weber State University and meets the specific requirements needed in order to become a CNA.

“So they have to pass off skills in class so they have to demonstrate certain skills. Then they also have a notes portion and the test. They have to score and 80% on all the tests and make sure they have high attendance to make 80 hours,” said Staheli.