Charity Groups saving the World

Landon LeBaron, Reporter

Every year, charity groups raise money and their love for people in our world. For example, The United Nations Foundation, Direct Relief, and The Catholic Medical mission board. Truman Carver, one of Davis High School’s counselors, says why these charity groups support others.

“We interact together from commercial goods that are shipped to traveling and the goal for everybody is to use charity and support others,” Carver said.

The top three groups support people in need in many different ways from money to candy and goods. Carver says there are other ways to show love for others.

“I’d think by doing good deeds each day and with building friendship with others and also saying hello, being helpful, and other ways to do that.” Carver said.

Charity groups weren’t just made by one person, they are formed by a group of people.

“We may not be able to help them individually but as a group, we can become a member of those organizations. And by banding together, that can be a great effect on what happens.” Carver said.

There will be people every day that will ask others for help. When an earthquake shakes somewhere or terrible disease broke out in another country, the top 3 help them out immediately and are always there helping people today.