Mountain Biking Club gears up for great season

Jordan Wood

Brock Averett, Reporter

Mountain Biking is a new sport to the high school scene, founded in 2009. The NICA or National Interscholastic Cycling Association, develops high school mountain biking programs for students across the United States. There are 47 teams throughout the state of Utah that compete at the high school level. Davis is one of the first solo high school teams in the state.

Junior Matt Jenson is on the varsity team for mountain biking. “I’ve been mountain biking for four years. My dad mountain biked for a really long time, so that got me started, but then I found a league in the newspaper and just started doing it.”

Players have a lot of different ways to get into mountain biking.

“I joined because I have a love of mountain biking. The feeling that it gives you cruising down the mountain and jumping over stuff,”said Jenson. Mountain biking is a extreme physical sport that requires a lot of endurance.

“I’ve learned how to really push myself during races” said Jenson. There is high expectations for the upcoming season. “I expect we can take state this season, because we have a lot of really good riders,” said Jenson.