FACS classes offer hands on experiences

Jed Fowles

FACS classes offer hands on experiences

Sarah Earnshaw, Reporter

The FACS Program, which stands for Family and Consumer Sciences, has many classes to offer ranging from Child Development to Cooking or Sewing. Within the sewing program, there are multiple classes: Clothing, Textiles One and Two, Interior Design One and Two, and Advanced Sewing or Textile Designer Entrepreneurship.

“[The classes] have helped me to just learn so much more about sewing and I feel like I’ve become such a stronger sewer because of it, and I think that I have gained so many more techniques and learned ways to be more creative. I can look at clothes and be like, ‘Oh, that’s how you make that,’ and be able to fit clothes to my body how I like them,” said Abby Fullmer, a senior. Fullmer has taken the Designer Sewing class and the Sewing and Textiles 2 classes.

“The Designer Sewing class is fun because you kind of get free range of what you want to make. You get to pattern your own clothes. I think it’s really fun that you can apply all the techniques you learn from the previous class into the new class,” Fullmer said.

“I feel like when I’m in Sewing, Sewing is my favorite, and when I’m in Interior Design, that’s my favorite,” said Baylee Reynolds, a Senior that has taken Interior Design 1 and 2, Designer Sewing and Sewing and Textiles 1 and 2.

Next year, the sewing teacher, Amber Williams, will be teaching a new class called Fashion strategies. It’s a class that introduces students to the fashion industry around the world. Students will have a chance to study the fashion capitals of the world and fashion designers in high end couture and outdoor products.

“We’re going to do a lot of fun things, there’s going to be a fashion show component to the class,” said Williams. The class will be offering things like hands on learning, fashion shoots, and creating items like a smash book and your own line of fashion.

“Everybody buys clothes, some people make their clothes, but most of us buy clothes. So, [the class] gives you a good sense of what’s happening around the world.” Fashion Strategies has no prerequisites, and is meant for all kinds of students whether they’d like to have a nice new ski sweatshirt or would like to go into the fashion industry.

“One of my favorite parts of the class is the history component to it,” said Williams. Like all topics fashion has a history. “We get to study fashion across the ages and see how different political things tie into what we wear in fashion whether it was in the 1920’s or right now.” The class is meant for more than just what fashion is but what it is about, and more like what fashion is as a whole.

Williams said, “I think it gives students a greater sense of the world around them and it makes it real because we all can relate to clothing.”