Movie Review: Project Almanac


Jake Feigleson, Reporter

Project Almanac is movie about a group of very intelligent teenagers who find the blueprint to a time machine in one of the teenager’s basements. It creates a big problem though, when they start to use it too frequently. It is a thought provoking movie, but it wasn’t filmed in a way that let it reach its full potential.

The cinematography in the movie is done in a way where it seems as if the whole movie is home video. This creates a more personal feel, but it also severely detracts from the movie. When a movie is filmed in this style, the camera is very susceptible to even the tiniest movement. For a lot of people it causes motion sickness.

The acting in the movie was very real and was done in a way that was very convincing. The directors did a very good job of picking actors to fill the correct roles. There was a proper and fitting role for every single actor in the movie.

Overall the movie was very mediocre. The cinematography severely detracted from the film but the storyline and acting helped to make up for that. The money spent on it may not be worth the film though.