Jr Dart Basketball provides opportunities for all

Blaine Bass, Reporter

One option for basketball players that don’t make the high school team or want a more easy going sport experience is to sign up for a recreational team.

Playing recreational basketball, depending on personal opinion, is seen as not being good enough to make the school team. Also, some could say kids who get cut from trying out for a team fall back to a league where all you have to do is pay a registration fee and you’re automatically guaranteed to play, regardless of skill. Seems like that’s all that happens right? Incorrect.

“I’ve never tried out for the high school team so I am not ashamed,” said Senior Hunter Hanks. Hanks and multiple others on his team have never tried out for the high school team. “It’s a good time without all of the competition because you’re just with your friends.” They play because to them it is fun basketball.

There is a distinct line between high competitive sports and recreational sports.The recreational players said the difference is fun. A large number of Jr. Dart players have never played high school ball and never plan to. There are no early morning practices, no intense workouts, no special diets or strict coaches. There is just friends, fun, and basketball.