Film club makes a comeback

Brock Averett, Reporter

Davis High film club is making a new comeback with the adviser Mr. Williams. The film club is not what everyone would expect it to be.


“The film club is actually a lot more fun than most people would expect. It’s not as nerdy as people think it is. It’s more of a fun hangout, where you just get together with a bunch of friends, get fun ideas with a camera, and go ahead and film it,” Junior Charity Hess said. The club is making a comeback after it disappeared last year.


“I wanted to make it a club again so I could join, but last year it was just so hectic trying to get everything together that it just never happened.” The film club is just starting up and they are accepting script applications to make sure it’s appropriate for school.


“We have to make sure the school would be okay with the script just in case we enter it into a contest. If it had any vulgar language or inappropriate scenes we could be instantly disqualified.