Pathways offer glimpse into possible career choices

At Davis High, there are 5 small schools: School of Arts & Communications, Davis Business School, School of Fitness & Health Services, School of Social & Human Services, School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.

Each small learning community contains a number of pathways. These pathways are depicted by the Davis Pathway Website as providing students with “the opportunity to take a variety of classes. These classes will typically fall into three categories: the core or required courses, electives courses and Pathway courses.”

“By using the pathways, students have to opportunity to learn more about a career or job that they may be interested in,” Administrator Mrs. Evans said.

These pathways range from Marketing to Agriculture and everything in between. The large array of categories is optimized for all students to find a place that they can excel in.

“With the pathway,s students can test out certain careers before they get to college, and this helps with money and with progress down the road,” Evans said.

But beyond the educational and material benefits the pathways give students, there are also many social advantages for the students.

“The pathway gives you the opportunity to get advisement from a teacher that has expertise on the career area, and interaction with students of similar interests,” Counselor Gene Kawa said.