Senioritis spreads to other parts of high school life

Jordan Wood

Ashton Fry, Reporter

Senioritis is a common term used to describe the decline of performance and motivation of seniors near the end of the school year.

A writer from, who goes by the username ladytiffany_13, says that most students don’t realize how quickly time is passing, and how soon they will be out of high school. They are focused on the inability to find joy “in the day to day attending classes.”


Not all students experience this tiredness of school itself, but of other components such as classmates, teachers and schedules. All of these things have common threads of causes. brings up that boredom, parental apathy, fear of change, excitement for graduation and burnout are some of the most common reasons for this decline of motivation.


“I’m don’t really like people. I’m done with people. I’m done with school and everything. I’m ready,” Kenzie Bell, Senior, said.