Juniors Run for Office

Carter Erickson, Reporter

This year, there are more future SBOs than ever before. With the new ability of being able to run more than once, some of the previous officers are running for their second time.

Just a few of these, for example, would be Sam Sargeant and Sarah Plumley. Both are currently Junior officers and are running for their “second-term” as Davis High School officers.

The student body plays more of a role now than ever before with voting as well. During homeroom, any and every student with a phone or tablet will be able to vote for next year’s SBOs.

That’s why it’s also very important for the candidates to get to know the student body. With 30 other people running against them, they’ll take every chance they can get.

That is what started the “signs-in-backpacks.” If you walk through the hallways, you may notice several students that have signs sticking out of their backpacks. This not only lets people know who it is, but what they’re doing. These new signs are sometimes seen as annoying by other students, but they are aimed at helping the candidates get themselves out there.

So, whether you think the signs are good or not, make sure to bring your phone or tablet to homeroom and vote for next year’s SBOs.