Mrs. Laub Honored as Teacher of the Year

This school is privileged to have a very distinguished teacher in its midst. The feats of which have earned her a great award. Her name is Julie Laub.

She teaches Honors Chemistry and AP Chemistry. She has five kids (four of them still in High School), homework to grade, and even hobbies of her own, and yet she still finds time in her day to connect with her students.

Her AP Chemistry class, often said to be the hardest AP test in High School, has a 96 percent pass rate. Out of forty students, that would be 38 of them. To put this in perspective, the National pass rate for AP Chemistry is just under 60 percent.

These achievements make it easy to see why Julie Laub has won the Teacher of the Year Award this year.

The Teacher of the Year Award is a prestigious award at Davis High that comes only once a year. This award is given to teachers who manage to connect with their students on a daily basis, but also keep their students’ grades and confidence high.

Sophomore Alex Ensign relates her experience having Mrs. Laub as a teacher. “I think she definitely deserves it. She’s one of the most prepared teachers I’ve had and one of the best overall.”

A sign hangs in Mrs. Laubs classroom that defines her life as a teacher: ‘I love who and what I teach.’