Lagoon’s “Cannibal” attacking with G-Forces


Landon LeBaron, Reporter

Lagoon’s brand new custom roller coaster, “Cannibal,” is a special type of roller coaster designed by Lagoon’s creativity. The whole coaster cost 22 million dollars.

Cannibal features an elevator lift tower, tunnels, water effects, an Immelmann turn, a diving loop, and a special inversion that will be named by the park when opened in the Summer of 2015.

First, you start out in a single train with 3 rows and 4 seats in each row. Then, you approach an elevator lift that will lift you 208 feet. While at 208 feet, the track unlocks and then you slowly approach the 116 degree beyond vertical drop – the steepest drop in the United States and the 4th steepest in the world.

Next, you enter a tunnel at the very bottom and later on enter the first Immelmann loop. In addition, you later enter a diving loop and then going over an overbanked turn.

Furthermore, you hit the first brake run and then you enter the first one of a kind inversion that will be named by Lagoon when it opens.

The coaster later on enters the special effects are with ancient statues, water, and a helix heading into the special effects. Finally, you come out of the helix and head back into the Station.

Cannibal got its name with Julie Freed explaining what the new roller coaster is all about.

“It eats all roller coasters in its path,” Freed said.

With the color of the track and supports being Fleshy-looking cream and Blood red, people realize what an actual cannibal does.

When opened, the coaster will be the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the Mountain Area of the United States. It even might attract other roller coaster thrill seekers for amazing new thrills.