Davis High introduces Freedom Week

Davis High introduces Freedom Week

Lindsey Miller, Reporter

This year, Davis High started a new activity called Freedom Week.

“So freedom week is just a week where basically we’re celebrating the freedoms we have in this country that we live in. Just kind of representing those that serve the nation and…just celebrating really the freedom that we have,” SBO Adam Taylor said.

Freedom week came about when SBOs Wil Cowser and Anisa Call went to a one week camp at Fort Douglas.

“They got to learn about the government and military and our country, and they thought it would be so great to do something here,” Miss Hyer, SBO adviser, said.

Freedom week is basically a week for students to celebrate what freedoms we have to and to remember those serving our country today.

The activities this week are as follows:

Monday- Flag Ceremony

Tuesday- Door greeting from SBO’s

Thursday- Police show and tell

Friday-Patriotic attire contest