SBO and Dartman elections as of 3/19

Max Kunz, Reporter

The elections for next year’s SBOs have entered the second cut. The original thirty-one candidates has been narrowed down to seventeen. they are as follows in alphabetical order.

  1. Blaire Arnold
  2. Matt Beecher
  3. Kallie Brown
  4. Nate Bybee
  5. McGyver Clark
  6. Ryan Cook
  7. Julianne Croft
  8. Taylor Davis
  9. Anna Farrell
  10. Cade Hyde
  11. Rachel Laud
  12. Landon Lebaron
  13. Tommy Martineau
  14. Sarah Plumbly
  15. Sam Sargent
  16. Josh Van Drimmelen
  17. Whitney Waters

This means that the they will be allowed to put up their campaign posters and continue their runs. The newer posters may be seen in the commons and cafeteria area on monday following the Sadie Hawkins Dance. On Wednesday the contestants will perform self made skits for the school at the election assembly, with another round of voting on Thursday and Friday.

The four Dartmen potentials will also be continue their campaigns this week. Jordan Checketts, Jacob Luddington, Logan McKay, and Taylor Southwick were the original four contestants, and due to lack of competition they are all still in the running.