Ap Stats class has a perfect pass rate

Riley Stam, Reporter

AP stats is a type of math class that students can take for college credit. The students work with data and statistics and use various mathematical techniques.

“You work with graphs, mean, median, mode. The probability of things happening. Things like that.” Nicole Sims, junior said.

AP classes have the reputation of being very hard, and having strenuous work loads. Students in AP classes often stress about passing the final test.  However, while challenging, AP stats is a manageable class. Students in this AP class do not stress about passing.

“In stats we have a one hundred percent pass rate, so as long as you do the homework you’ll do fine.” Mckade Thomas, junior said.

Students say the the teacher, Mrs. Call, helps and makes the class easier to understand.

“I had a good techer. She made it easier to understand. She also spread it out so the work load wasn’t to bad,” Sims said.