Improv club helps new student adapt to Davis

Jed Fowles


Palmer Flood, Reporter

Moving to a new school presents lots of new opportunities. Even though you leave much behind, there are unfamiliar faces, unknown facilities, a different faculty, and many potential friends.

Being “the new kid in school” can be intimidating. Junior Caleb Cannon embarked on his Davis High experience at the start of the 2014-2015 school year having moved from Herriman High School. For Cannon, Davis may be a new school, but the transitioning process is one he is quite familiar with.

“Transitioning to a new school, its hard but I’ve done it plenty of times so I’ve got some experience.” Cannon said.

For Cannon, one way to make the transition easier is to become involved with the schools extracurricular activities. With so many clubs, teams, and organizations to chose from students can find somewhere they can feel more comfortable and make lasting friends.

 I like getting into extracurriculars like theater, because it helps me meet people outside of the classroom.” Cannon said. “Everywhere I go I see people from improv club, theater, and other things that I have done, like West Side Story.”

Adapting to a different school is never easy, but Cannon gives this advice to anyone who may feel alone in their move to a new place.

“Find some new friends, do some extracurriculars, meet as many people as you can,” Cannon said. “Even if you can’t remember their name, ask them. Don’t worry about getting embarrassed. People are pretty forgiving.