Internship classes should be more accessible


Darla Burrola, Reporter

The internship class offered to students here is a great opportunity to learn skills that apply to a career path of your choice. It is a one of a kind class, and a course that gets you a head start toward your future. The class consists of students who intern in different career pathways that interest them. The class is obviously a vital and necessary learning experience.

To get into the class, it is hard and highly competitive. You need a 3.0 GPA or higher, to fill out an application, and have to at least be a junior. Then, once all that is turned in, you are put on a waiting list. Only 30 are selected to be in the class.

I see that the class should contain dedicated students. But to deny the opportunity of such a beneficial class is to deprive a student of guidance in there career path. I believe the School should provide a class where you can have a similar experience that’s more accessible.