Students take AP art class


John Eaton, Reporter

The 1800 hall is filled with many uniques sensations: the sounds of theatre, the sights of artwork, and the smells of crafted clay.

Ceramics teacher Mrs. Karras teaches an AP class different than the others. AP 3D Studio art, or 3D studio design, is a  class that consists of experienced seniors trying to earn college credit in artistic ways.

For the class, students must create a portfolio showing their work from throughout the year. The college board website overviews the class as a way to “explore sculptural issues and understand 3-D design principles as they relate to the integration of depth and space, volume and surface.”

The class is said to lead into 53 future careers ranging from acting to biological scientist. The credits can go towards a variety of 10 college majors such as studio arts and architecture.

Things that the students do in the class are sculpture, architectural models, metal work, ceramics, glass work, installation, assemblage and 3-D fabric/fiber arts. The portfolio that students must submit for the AP test consists of three sections: quality, concentration, and breadth. The projects submitted for quality are basic pieces showing a synthesis of form, technique, and content. The concentration section should be works that demonstrate a depth of investigation and process of discovery. And the breadth needs to show a serious grounding in visual principles and material techniques.