Student’s learn about illumanti.

The Illuminati are supposedly a secret group of powerful people that are behind incidents and wars. This conspiratorial group was started in 1776 by a man named Adam Weishopt. He started this because he wanted to overthrow all organized religion and government throughout the world. But they are a conspiracy or tall tale themselves because there is no proof that they actually exist.

Many people have theories behind who they are and what they do and a Junior named Cayden Anderson thinks that they are “The all seeing eye, the eye on the dollar.” This could mean that the illuminati are behind the money and power of the world.

The mystical goal of the illuminati is to overthrow organized religion and government. They want complete control and need to do whatever it takes to obtain their goal. They are supposedly behind famous deaths, famous accidents, and even wars. The truth is the illuminati is a conspiracy that we may never figure out.