Athlete share superstitions

Jordan Wood

Darla Burrola

Sport superstitions and rituals are practiced by almost every athlete, even professionals. And some of them are pretty outrageous. So I chose five of the most outrageous superstitions practiced by famous athletes.

  1. The Baseball team with the golden heart….no wait thongs.

in 2008 Jason Giambi got in a slump that he was desperately trying to get out of. So he slipped on a golden thong and vowla! just like that he got out of his slump. The team quickly caught on to Jason’s ritual, and found out that wearing ladies underwear kept you distracted from the game which helped you not get in your head. The team now always keeps a pair of silky gold underwear handy just in case they get into a slump.

  1. The Football Player who get Slapped before a game

Football Player John Henderson, like any athlete, would get major butterflies before a game. So he came up with a simple strategy to fix that, he would simply get someone to slap his face. John said it helped him get pumped and focused and rid of the jitters. Sometimes during big games he goes for a twofer and gets hit twice. Nothing like a five star to the face to get you ready for the big game.

  1. The Coach who may be half goat

Football coach Les Miles goes for an out there approach to deal with his stress during games. When the game gets at its climax, Miles actually tears out a piece of turf and chews on it repeatedly. He says it humbles him and makes him feel more relaxed during games. He also mentioned the best tasting turf is at Tiger Stadium. Bon appetit coach miles.

  1. The Angels and their mystical healing gems

Baseball players Steve Finley and Darin Erstad have mystical healing gemstones that hang around their necks during games,and when they need to make a speedy recovery. The were given to them by a former Diamondbacks teammate. The two haven’t been injured yet and their average has gone up dramatically. It may look a little 90s but hey when you have the mystical power to heal fast who cares.

  1. The team who swam with hungry, hungry hippos

in 2008 the coaches of a zimbabwean soccer team had the great idea of having the team go for a swim. And what better place then the hippo and crocodile infested Zambezi river. The coaches thought that it would ward off evil spirits and cleanse the team. Only one died and crazy enough not from the man eating beasts wading in the water but from the strong current. That would make even Toto not bless the rains down in Africa.

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