Students forced to attend assembly no ifs, ands, or buts…

Blaine Bass, Reporter

The bell had rung, the students were released to attend the school assembly, and every exit was heavily guarded by sadness supporting sentinels that refused to release any student by their own free will. Some of the students were lucky enough that they barely made it out of the doors with their dignity. Some were chased, others were ridiculed, numbers were punished and all for what? The desire to have a dollar burger instead of attend an over-crowded and high temperature assembly where no one could even hear the speaker.

Seems to be unjust. Students are not marked attendance at the assembly and are not given a grade either. We cannot benefit from it in any academic way, yet we can be punished for not attending the said assembly. Being forced into a room with hundreds of other students without my own say is not my ideal picture of safety or in my comfort level.

The administration doesn’t force kids to all go to sporting events, why is this any different? Students should have the option to attend and or not attend whichever events that they desire. It is not right to punish students for not wanting to attend something.