Junior Class Officer elections begin

Riley Stam, Reporter

Any sophomore can run for junior class officer, however, there are certain things that runners must do to qualify to run. One thing that is required is to get twenty-five students to sign a petition.

“A petition is away to get to know students and to put yourself out there,” Hannah Johnson, sophomore, said.

Along with petitions, students running hang posters and signs around the school to advertise why they should be elected officers.

“You put posters up as a way to get people to vote for you,” Johnson said.
Once the officers are elected, they elect a Junior committee, who run things around the school. The Junior officers are also in charge of planning Junior Prom and helping with other dances. Junior officers also work together to do fundraisers and other charity events.

“There is also a float we work on for the fourth of July parade,” Johnson said.

Being a class officer is a lot of work, and a lot of fun. If you are interested in running for next year, talk to the class advisor, Mrs. Barney.