Social Media keeps students connected

Social Media keeps students connected

Instagram and Twitter are two commonly used social networking sites. Each site has distinct things that users like, as well as things that they don’t. One thing that users complain about when using Twitter is that one can only use a limited amount of characters in a post.

“Sometimes you want to post more, and that’s bad,” said Junior Megan Lee.

However, students like that it doesn’t matter if you double post when using Twitter.

“Twitter is more for spur of the moment things,” said Junior Brooklyn Bingham.

Instagram does not have a character limit. Instagram is mainly complained about because one can only post a picture update, where as with Twitter, users can choose to either share a picture or a text only post. Instagram though, has a reputation for being a smooth running site.” I feel like [Instagram] kind of runs better,” Junior Megan Lee said.

According to a report the Atlantic posted, Instagram has the most “engaged followers” out of all the popular social networking sites.

“It’s easier to stay involved with,” Sophomore Abby Potter said. “It’s all just right there.”