Digital Photography club capture student activities

The photography club meets every Monday after school for thirty to forty-five minutes in Mr. Oram’s class room (1801). There are also school photoshoots on different days throughout the week that are optional for any students that wish to come. On Mondays’ meetings, the club goes through technical lessons as well as practicing hands on with cameras.

“I love doing the studio stuff, and just shooting people,” Junior Aubrey Pierce said. The club members learn how to use the lighting and make angles work for a certain shot. They also do a lot of studio photography and get shots of people.

“It’s a creative outlet for students,” said adviser Kelly Oram.  The photography club’s main goal is to encourage students to find their own creative styles. It is also something that is relatively easy to pick up and can be expanded upon in many different ways.  “It’s a medium I can pick up and set down, day to day,” said Senior Jon Moore. “Its an easy hobby.”