Trends and Fads come and go

Jordan Wood

Darla Burrola, Reporter

With the 80’s being as fabulous and iconic as they were, I’ve compiled a list of some of the top five worst 80’s fads of all time.


  1. The Slap Bracelet

The slap bracelet was a metal strip covered with fabric that, when bent would snap around your wrist. This fad sadly was still going pretty strong around the 90s.  Teacher LeeAnn Hyer said, “The fun thing about fads is seeing them come back……fluorescent colors with shirts thats kinda weird to see back,I’m glad that slap bracelets haven’t made the comeback tho”. You and me both. Because what can be more fun than having a slab of metal “stylishly” being whacked on your wrist?


  1. The Scrunchy

A hairband just drowning in fabric. And not just any fabric, bright neons and velvets and sometimes even a sprinkle of sequences. The scrunchy always added that extra something to your hair. Well…when it wasn’t falling out all the time because of its impractical use of fabric. And what would that extra something be you may ask? Well the look of a multicolored wad of gum stuck on someones side pony. This is one fad your hair was happy to say goodbye too.


  1. Shoulder Pads

The 80s was a time for the working woman to really shine. So to give women that more dominant feel while working, huge pads wear inserted on the shoulders. Shoulder pads are one thing, but shoulder pads from the 80’s looked like a whole bag of cotton candy was stuffed inside. Looking at it now you kind of get it, because you can’t feel more dominant and powerful than looking like a football player.


  1. The huge hair

Nothing more 80’s than gigantic hair and the hairspray that helped obtain it’s power. Drama Teacher Andra Thorne explains the 80’s hair, “So there was this hair thing where it was very large. But the best part was that like, girls would hold the sides out and spray it with hairspray and then hair dry it so it stuck out so far. And then like flowed down your shoulders it was hideous. I have a picture of myself its hideous”. Nothing better than perms and lady mullets.


1.Stop….Hammer pants

MC Hammer was one of the biggest icons in the 80’s. And Iconically known for his pants. Looking like something a genie would wear with it’s gold silky fabric, and bagginess. People jumped on the bandwagon and sported the pants that made you look like you were wearing a diaper.  Although while watching the one hit wonder “Can’t Touch This” it’s hard to resist the pants when you see MC Hammer dance.