Students find opportunities to make-up U’s.

Lindsey Miller, Editor

Citizenship U Make-Up becomes a hot topic around the end of the school year as students attempt to clear all of their U’s before school ends. For seniors, U-Make Up becomes extremely important so they can graduate.

“[Seniors] U-Make Up deadline is Friday May 15th. Seniors can get U’s all during fourth term. Those U’s have to be input by the teacher by midterm, so any U that a student gets before midterm that will show up on their report card and has to be cleared through the citizenship office. If they get a U after midterm, they have to clear it with the teacher that gave it to them [in order to graduate].” Mrs. Gale, Citizenship Secretary said.

There are different opportunities to clear U’s coming up besides taking the weekly U Make-Up class:

The HOSA blood drive on April 29th, which clears one U.

The Alive at 25 defensive driving class, which clears two U’s.

Bring 30 pairs of shoes to Mrs. Okal and have her sign a paper to clear one U.

5K Fun Run on Friday, May 1st helping man the field, giving out water bottles, throwing  colors on runners, and setting up and cleaning up. This will clear one U.

Clearing U’s will help students meet the Citizenship Graduation Requirements, and helps remind students to have good behavior in class and to be on time.