Fundraisers alleviate extracurricular financial burdens


Davis High School plays host to many extracurricular opportunities for students. While the school sets aside extensive funds for these activities by paying for athletic facilities, costumes, art supplies, etc., there are often more costs than state funds and student fees cover. That’s where the fundraisers come in, but there are restrictions on them.

“We answer to [the district] rules and policies as to what we can and can’t do for a fundraiser,” stated Vice Principal Brad Chapple. “Typically, when you know what’s in that [policy] book, you would go the administrator in charge who’s in charge of fundraisers and ask for a proposal saying, ‘This is what we would like to do,’ and then the administrator would sign off on it.”

Specifically the fundraising district policy states part of its purpose as “protecting students, parents, teachers, and school administrators from commercialization and fund raising efforts that are exploitative, coercive, disruptive to the educational process, threatening to the health and welfare of students, or lacking in educational merit…”

However, according to Mr. Chapple, there has been a shift in administrative responsibilities and that nobody is specifically in charge of fundraisers at the moment.

“We get fundraiser proposals all the time,” Chapple said. “I can tell you that we turn down a lot.”