Junior Week at Davis High

Carter Erickson, Reporter

Every week, Davis High school puts on what is known as ‘Junior Week.’ Every day during the week something different happens at the High School. There is no supposed reason for these events, just that they started and caught on.

The first thing that is happening this week is on Tuesday. Tuesday is ‘camo day’ where all the juniors are supposed to wear camouflage clothes and post a picture of themselves on social media with the hashtag ‘camuseeme.’

On Wednesday the school is having the Junior Assembly during school and Elijah McKay and Jon Vegas are coming to sing. Different activities will also be put on during the assembly to get students excited for the upcoming Prom.

Thursday is Otterpop day and the Junior Officers will be handing out Otterpops during lunch to all the students for free.

The last day of the week will have the Officers waiting at the front doors of the school when everyone gets there in the morning with candy to hand out to everyone.