Hope Squad brings support for struggling students

John Eaton, Reporter

Starting this year, a new club, led by Mrs. Lawson, has come to Davis High. Called Hope Squad, participants try to raise awareness and provide help for the cause of suicide prevention.

According to HOPE4UTAH.com, the mission of hope squad is to “reduce the number of youth suicides in the state of Utah by providing education, training, and expertise in suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention. In the 130 schools across the state, the 3,000 volunteers work hard to help the cause.

Using a basic three step process: prevention, intervention, and postvention, Hope Squads try to connect with students by using three platforms: school programs, community connections, and mental health partnerships.

“Some of the steps are to first see the signs of suicide, and then talk to them and connect with them, then try to get them help,” Senior Audrey Johnson said.

On the Hope for Utah webpage there is a number providing training opportunities for any people interested in helping, whether that be as a student, teacher, church, or community.