2015-2016 Student Body Officers

Madi Russell, Reporter

Logan Mackay has recently been elected to represent Davis High as the next Dartman. He is dedicated to making Davis a better school and full of excitement for this new opportunity.

“I’m excited to be Dartman because I feel like it gives me the opportunity to change things in the school. Although Davis High has a great reputation and good things about it, I am excited to see what is good and think of ways I can improve those things,” Mackay, said.

He has a enthusiastic personality that will add a spark of crazy to the crowd at games and events in the upcoming 2015-2016 year.

“I am really loud, and I feel like Davis High is loud in general, and you definitely need someone who is loud to lead the crowd. I also feel like I am creative and I have the ability to do things that people would want to follow,” Mackay, said.

He has great plans to the future of Davis High and is ready and willing to represent the 2015-2016 class.

“I am totally going to revolutionize the Davis High experience. People are going to feel like they are supported no matter what I do. I am represented and I am backed up by the rest of my school,” Mackay said.