Students seeing teachers off campus creates awkward moments

Madi Russell, Reporter

Natalie Leavitt has been teaching English at Davis for the past nine years. She is a fun and energetic teacher that brings excitement into any classroom. However, Mrs. Leavitt has a hobby that you wouldn’t expect from your average English teacher.

“Well I started riding motorcycles last fall. My husband is way into riding and I don’t like being left behind so if that’s what he was going to do, that’s what I was going to do,” Leavitt said

Mrs. Leavitt has only been riding for a few months, but has quickly developed a love for motorcycles. It allows she and her husband to spend time riding together. They love taking trips as often as possible to ride together.

“My husband has been riding all of his life and I just get on and get a little scared and a little nervous. However, I love to ride to school and around town,” Leavitt said.

Seeing teachers outside of school can be a strange situation, especially when you see your English teacher riding a motorcycle around town. Mrs. Leavitt, like most teachers, has a exciting hobby that most of us wouldn’t expect from our teachers.