Promposals become the norm for asking

Jed Fowles

Riley Stam, Reporter

For each dance that is held throughout the year, dates ask and respond to each other in creative ways. However when it comes to Prom, the pressure is on to make it memorable and sincere.

“You think about it ever since your little,” Sophomore Ashley Taylor said. “The idea of getting all dolled up for a prom.”

There can be quite a lot of stress when it comes to asking, but it depends on the situation, and who is getting asked. There is also the struggle of figuring out if the date is available to go to the dance.

“You just ask their friends, make sure that they haven’t been asked yet,” Junior Britton Porter said.

Even after the asking is done, the boys have to wait for their date to answer. However, even if the girls take a long to time respond, the boys rarely worry about having a no, unless there is a good reason behind it.

“I knew she’d say yes,”Junior Luke Buttars said.

The girls also feel the pressure when responding to their dates.

“It was more stressful to answer than getting asked,”  said Sophomore Suzie Smith.

There are different ways that people ask and answer to Prom. Most people like to leave their treats and signs on the doorstep. The drop off brings a rush of adrenaline, and depending on the situation, can cause stress.

“She wasn’t home, and there was like nobody at her house,” Senior Gunner Francom said. “I could have kicked the door and it would have made no difference.”

But sometimes, things can just go wrong.

“His dogs were barking at us, and his mom came out and saw us! It was rough,” said Senior Courtney Emes.

Emes also said that the most stressful part of the asking is “not being able to figure out who asked you.”

But despite the stress that comes with Prom, everyone is excited to go to Prom and have fun with their dates.