AP classes stress students

Edited by: Grace Mathews

Taylor Rogers, Reporter

With AP finals approaching in under a month, students stress about how to study correctly for the tests. Senior Savannah Barclay said, “AP finals are a pretty good gauge to show us how we’re going to score on the test. AP finals [also] weigh a lot on our grades, so it’s definitely a lot of pressure to do our best on them.” Barclay is taking AP English, and AP AB Calculus.

Senior Matt Brown is taking AP Statistics and AP BC Calculus. He said “Stress runs high during in finals week because so much rides on one test. You don’t want to have to work so hard all year then not get the college credit you were working for.”

Studying is done many ways. Barclay said, “Depending on the class, I try and just look over all my notes and previous assignments I’ve done throughout the course of the year.”

Brown studies differently. He said, “We study for them mainly in class by doing assignments that cover topics from every point in the year. We also take practice tests that help us prepare for the real tests.”

Stress around AP Finals runs high, some tips to help calm down are “making a list of the things I need to study in order of importance. When I can actually check things off [the] list it makes it feel like I’m accomplishing something. Also, taking a break from studying and doing something fun is very necessary,” Barclay suggested.