EMT Internships allow students real life experience

Jordan Wood

EMT Internships allow students real life experience

Sarah Earnshaw, Reporter

Every semester, a handful of students are picked to take part in an internship for EMT’s, also known as an Emergency Medical Technician. This internship helps students to know whether or not they are fit for the medical field.

 The class is split in two sections. The first is for medical situations, like first aid, bee stings and allergic reactions. “I like all the bandaging and all the broken bones and stuff,” said Jordan Jensen, a student participating in the EMT internship.

 The second section is one that they will be beginning within the next week or so. “We get to do clinicals at Davis Hospital in the ER,” said Micah Cook, an intern, “we get put into real life situations, and see how we handle it,”

 Each student has their reasons for taking this internship. Jackson Smith, an intern from this semester, said, “about last year I had a certain medical problem, and it kind of just opened my eyes to the medical world. I was really fascinated by it. So, I figured that I’d start leaning in a direction that I could put my in the door for a bunch of different medical opportunities.”

“This is just another way to get your foot in the door of like the medical programs,” Jensen said.