Musical Technique impacting people’s life


When there is music around, there can be peace all around. But how do people do it?  Kaden Beardall has an interesting fact about having a good voice.

“I people sing with emotion that can really help out your voice,” Beardall said.

The performer has to make sure the posture is right. For example, strong sternum, feet shoulder width apart, back straight, arms down to your side, head straight, etc.

“Go out there and put in on the stage,” was Beardall’s advice.

The performer also has to make sure to sing with emotion and get the audience’s attention. The audience can sometimes be a tough crowd, but when the person that’s doing the accompaniment or the performers start out the song very energetic and powerful or soft and emotional, they bring the crowd into interest in the song.

“I think practice makes perfect,” Beardall said.

Most importantly, memory. Memorization and practice are extremely important. Sometimes, people sing to themselves and could help them remember the song better. Beardall has a place where most people sing to themselves.

“I started singing in the shower when I was about three,” Beardall said.

Music can be inspiring to others. If people can bring the power of music into the lives of others, it can be a huge difference for others. Like Beardall, people with singing voices whether not they have an amazing voice or a good voice, it can bring joy and excitement to others.