Team managers provide an essential aspect to team dynamics

Jed Fowles

Ashton Fry, Reporter

Being a manager is a choice made by students for a variety of reasons: they have friends on the team, they like the sport, or they want to be a part of something but don’t want to play. For Jaxon Smith, senior, he decided to became a manager because he couldn’t play sports but wanted to be on the team.

“I had heart surgery when I was seven months old, but I have always wanted to be one of the team, and so that’s how I became a part of the team,” Smith said.

The heart surgery kept him from playing sports, but Smith still has a deep love for sports.

“My favorite part is just being a part of the team, going on the bus with the players, getting all their gear. That’s always the fun part,” Smith said.

Since he couldn’t play, the next best thing was to be a manager. Naturally, he became manager of several sports including basketball, football and soccer. The players love him and Smith loves representing Davis High.