Government Cuts NASA budget AGAIN

Blaine Bass, Reporter

It seems to be every year that funding for NASA has been cut by the White House. In 2014 NASA received $17.646 billion, this year they have had more than a 1% decrease in funding. 1% seems like a pretty small percentage but it actually amounts to close to a $186 million decrease in government funding.

So who really cares right? It’s just NASA, they are worried about the space and everyday people on Earth (where we live) are starving, dying, and living in poverty. Shouldn’t the government throw more funding to help the known citizens instead of exploring the unknown?

NASA has helped improve millions of people’s lives with their discoveries as a matter of fact. Don’t understand? Ever heard of artificial limbs, infrared ear thermometers, baby food, freeze drying, water purification, scratch resistant lenses, memory foam, cochlear implants, and much more. They have created all of these incredible things with their funding. If funding stops, so do these new innovations.

Our NASA either directly with their jobs or indirectly from their inventions, affect us. Next time your grandfather hears what you’re saying because of his hearing aids, or the next time you drink cold fresh water, think that NASA has made it possible. Maybe it’s time to stop cutting budget and start increasing it for the sake of everyone.