First Hope Week at Davis high Closes

John Eaton, Reporter

This year is the first year that Davis High has had a hope squad: a team of students organized to help students with depression. Hope Squad held Hope Week, which is when the squad does activities at school to raise awareness and help the kids. On Monday, the students put up the hope wall, which is the wall near the office that has inspiring quotes for students. On Tuesday, they handed out life savers candy mints, to remind students to be life savers for their friends. On Wednesday they handed out nominations to Sophomores and Juniors to nominate kids for the next year’s hope squad. And on Thursday they handed out small pictures of lifesaver tubes that students could write their name and put it on the pledge wall, which signifies that they pledge to be lifesavers.

“The goals of hope week were to raise awareness of the hope squad and bring attention to it. That way those struggling can know to come talk to us and then we can lead them to a counselor or the help they need,” Hope Squad member Rachel Gardner said.

The members in hope squad feel like they reached their goals and raised awareness.